Call for Chapters

Call for chapters: Teacher Education in the Digital Age in the Southern African context

Digital technologies have impacted on all walks of life, including education. Indeed, digital artefacts and applications have reshaped teacher-learner interactions within and beyond the four walls of the classroom. This book relates to the experiences and initiatives of teacher education institutions in the Southern Africa region to empower to cope with teaching and learning in the digital age. The book covers the impacts of digital on the teaching and learning process. Online and blended learning, digital pedagogies, the design of curricula and learning experiences to address the learning needs and profile of learners are considered in this book.

The book chapter proposal submission deadline is 20 February 2021

Proposals should be limited to between 200-400 words, explaining the focus, objectives and methodology of the chapter and how it fits into the general theme of the book. Proposals should be submitted electronically on the following address Proposals should be in Word format.

Editors: Prof. J.A.K. Olivier, Dr V. A. Oojorah & Dr W. Udhin

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